zoe apostolou


revives and re-invents the rich weaving tradition of Crete 

by breathing new life into old traditional patterns and techniques



Each piece is designed and hand woven by our experienced, local weavers from initial sketches through to hand finished and embroidered fabric in our loom studio, in Rethymno.


The brand’s lifestyle collections are influenced by clear-cut geometric lines and minimal structures deeply rooted in the simplicity of classical Greece.


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TEXTING SS’20 collection is inspired by the rich Minoan history and culture.
Symbols of Linear B and hieroglyphics,the syllabic script of Minoans, can be
seen on our prints, embroideries and jewelry details.
Different symbols put together form a text in the same way as threads put
together create a cloth, ‘textum’ in Latin. Texting is an integral part of
modern living and weaving is part of our way of living.
A palette of intense red, deep navy, bright white and cool mint, the
dominant colors of Minoan frescoes add to a very dynamic collection,
which exudes modern shapes and timeless sophistication. The artisanal
character of the collection is underlined by details and fabrics hand woven
in Crete by local expert artisans.
So leaf through our collection and discover the hidden message...