Grecian Chick


The Stellar Denim Collection


The definition of Stellar, relates to the stars. Stellar as an expression is also used for something that is exceptionally good, outstanding! This is how we see Denim…. Embellished with high quality materials, like, special woven brocade trim, real leather or loom tresser, our creations are distinctive and aspire to become your stellar pieces.



Stella, founder of Stellar Denim, has studied Economics and Business administration in Greece and abroad and has a long term experience with international projects. She is an expert in Marketing and Business Development and has worked for national and multinational companies. Her vision and love for denim motivated her to follow her dream and build her own company. 


Stellar Denim, the material's distinctive character paired with the passion of Greek craftmanship, captivates us and underpins style individuality, creating denim chic products that highlight your fashion sense.

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